Friday, February 22, 2008

Thing #4 FLICKR

I have had to look over a couple days at Flickr. I think this will be a powerful site as I start to work with my students on collecting images for their projects. Right now they are learning to use Google Images and I am going to start teaching them how to use Flickr.

I took a couple pictures of my media center and uploaded them to an account I created in Flickr and I was suprised at how easy it was to do.
The next challenge is getting them uploaded to here and I'm still working on that. I did get it to upload from my computer but not from Flickr yet.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Good afternoon-
Just getting now to responding to everyone from yesterday. This program should help you catch up and feel confident about technology. I have mailed the CEU certificate.

Work on it as you have bits of time-

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yahoo! Avatars

stclaircyclone Thing #3

Thing #3 was RSS Feeds. I learned out to subscribe and unsubscribe to a feed. I can tell I will need to be choosy as to which feeds I will subscribe to so I don't get inundated with emails.

This is a great thing if there is something you want to keep track of on a regular basis. It also could become overwelming in a hurry if you don't keep some control over it.

stclaircyclone's Thing #2

Thing #2
I whole heartedly agree with the fact that the technology world is changing in dramatic ways and the only way a media person can keep up is to keep doing! I'm excited about learning to blog, and finding out the how-to-do's for each thing. I know from going to TIES as I learn about these things I get excited about implementing them into my teaching.

St Clair Cyclone's Thing #1

Thing #1
This is the beginning of a 2 month journey. What a neat process.